about me

Hi there,

Firstly, thank you for taking the time to read my about me, how lovely of you to do so!
So welcome! My name is Sachi. I’m a 21 year old business graduate, working full time, studying part time and attempting to blog somewhere in between. I live in the beautiful country of Australia but have noticed a growing sense of wanderlust. I love tea, youtube, tiffany and co, yoga (learning to love this) and did I mention, tea?

If you’re still reading, congratulations! On this blog, you’ll find an eclectic mix – I want to dip my toes into everything! =] I’m not all about one thing and one focus in life – I’m all about being curious and wanting to know more. I’m a fan of perusing the internet and educating myself on things I am passionate about. I also have a soft spot for self-development books…there’s just something about them! You’ll find a collection of my own thoughts, some natural DIYs, and some health, fitness and wellbeing posts.

I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Love and sprinkles,




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