Body Brushing

Throw away your body exfoliators, there’s something I would like to introduce you to…and that’s body brushing. This is a completely natural, chemical free way of  increasing circulation, exfoliating, detoxifying and stimulating bodily processes. This technique stems from an ancient Aryudevic cleansing philosophy – we’re talking thousands of years old!


Dry skin brushing is what it sounds like…you use one of those odd looking, long handle

[Skip down to Quick and Easy for the step by step instructions.d wooden brushes with firm bristles to brush your body
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Here’s what you need to do:

Get yourself a brush (natural bristles, not synthetic please!)  For a first timer, it can be kinda scary because the bristles seem so stiff and coarse and you may be a little hesitant. But I promise, in due time – you’ll look forward to the invigorating sensation that you feel afterwards! If there is a selection to choose from, try find the least firm/most softest of the lot.

This is something that should ideally be done daily – it only takes 5 minutes, I promise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a morning or night shower-er, you just need to give yourself an extra 5 minutes of pampering and it will make the hugest difference. I swear, after you do it for the first time,  you’ll hop in the shower and notice how soft your skin feels. If not then, definitely when you hop out and moisturise your skin. Keep it up and you’re skin will feel silky smooth – softer and smoother than you’ve ever felt before. I can guarantee it!

 Quick and Easy:

  • Get nakiedownload
  • Starting at your feet, work the brush in circular motions or upward strokes (your preference). Start at an intensity and pressure that is comfortable for you – this shouldn’t be a painful experience
  • Move up your legs, knees and thighs. You can pay special attention to your booty and thighs if you have cellulite. The pressure and stimulation of the brushing will encourage the fat deposits to release
  • Brush your stomach in a clockwise direction (mimicking the movement of your colon)
  • Reaching behind, do the same movement on your back – as high as you can go
  • Brush your hards, forearm and upper arm – pulling the brush towards you in long sweeping strokes
  • Pull the brush across your shoulders and down across your neck
  • Reach up and over your shoulder for your upper back
  • Armpits – spend some time here. Reach your arm up to the ceiling and brush down on your armpits to encourage lymphatic drainage
  • Note: please be gentle on sensitive areas where your skin is thinner (if it hurts, you need to lighten the pressure!)
  • Tap the brush over a trash can. (Wash with gentle soap and water once a week and leave in the sun to dry)
  • Shower as normal  (don’t skip the shower – you have to wash the skin of the dead skin cells)
  • Moisturise. preferably with an oil such a almond, coconut or jojoba
  • Revel in how soft and smooth your skin feels (this is a mandatory step)
  • Repeat before every shower


  •  Boosts circulation and removes dead skin layers: dry brushing increases blood flow (this is why you may turn a rosy colour after you finish brushing)  and will  improve the texture of your skin and cell renewal.
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins: encourages the movement of proteins and matter through the drainage system and accelerates the cleaning of toxins out of the body
  • If you have keratosis pillaris (like me), you will see a significant improvement in the areas affected. The keratin build up is literally vanishing with each day that I brush and is far better for my body than lathering chemical filled creams that only temporarily help!
  • Reduces cellulite

Now go and try it!