My name is Sachi. Let’s get it out in the open, I’ve started a blog once before…and it didn’t turn out as I planned. I started writing articles and lost my self and personality along the way. I’ve scrapped that and decided to start afresh, with my voice and style safely captured in each and every word that I type.

Like I said in my About Me, this blog is a little bit of everything and it could be a whole lot of nothing! I’m not all about one thing and one focus in life – I’m all about being curious and wanting to know more. I’m a fan of perusing the internet and educating myself on things I am passionate about. I also have a soft spot for self-development books…there’s just something about them! You’ll find a collection of my own thoughts, some natural DIYs, and some health, fitness and wellbeing posts.

I hope that no matter how you found your way to my blog, it served you well. Hope you found what you were looking for 🙂